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Key Features
  • Short & easy to use video based course
  • Meets UK CAA and EASA-OPS requirements
  • Multiple choice exam and certification
  • Admin system for employers
  • Fully updated to comply with the latest legislation

Five available courses (follow links for which one you select)

1Introduction to Dangerous Goods by Air, Road, and Sea; Overview for Management and Staff
2Dangerous Goods by Air for Cargo Staff and Airport Ground Handling Staff (ICAO/IATA Cat. 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 and 14) and staff of Designated Postal Operators in Categories b and c.
3Dangerous Goods by Air for Passenger Handling Staff and Security Screeners (ICAO/IATA Categories 9, 12 and 15)
4Dangerous Goods by Air for Flight Crew Members, Load Planners and Loadmasters (ICAO/IATA Cat. 10 and 16)
5Dangerous Goods by Air for Crew Members (other than flight crew members) (ICAO/IATA Cat 11, 17)

The contents are specified in legislation for each staff group. You will learn how the law affects you and understand what you have to do to make transportation safe.
If you are booking on behalf of others you will have your own administration area to control your requirements.
The courses feature professional film sequences, easy to understand pictograms, on-screen text to emphasise key points and a glossary of abbreviations and technical terms.

Why is Dangerous Goods training required?

EU and international legislation states that all staff directly or indirectly involved in the transport of goods classed as dangerous must receive training appropriate to their job. The scope and content of this training is defined in law. See Legislation

About the courses

They are practical, relevant and stimulating programmes that will inform and educate every employee.
You can register as an individual student or as a sponsor who will purchase courses for others.
Please read the How It Works section for full details.

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