How much does it cost and what payment methods are accepted?


  • You may pay online by credit or debit card. Immediate payment provides immediate access.
  • Customers with Candidate Manager accounts may pay later by BACS. Once payment is received, the credits become available. This payment option is only available on request, for further information please complete our BACS payment request form. When placing a BACS order customers must supply a purchase order (PO) number in the PO Field at checkout or the customer will not be able to place the order.
  • Either way you will receive an invoice, as either an individual or as a business.
  • If you have a credit agreement with us we will issue access codes as soon as we receive your booking.


A single course costs £87.00 plus VAT. A discount is available when purchasing multiple credits. For further information please call our sales team on 01293 539119

No. of Codes Unit Cost
1 – 4 £87.00
5 £474.00
10 £792.00
Prices exclude VAT at 20%